Run website performance test and get actionable tips on how to optimize it.

Run website performance test and get actionable tips on how to optimize it.
Test a web page speed and audit all its critical elements.
See all existing bottlenecks, errors and issues.
Get tips on how to improve website speed and performance.
Page load time Test how well a site loads and identify the slowest elements.
Find out if a page has Open Graph description to look good in social media.
Page size Find out file sizes of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images and optimize them.
IP Address Discover how many websites are using the same IP address.
Visitor World Map Identify how far away a website's user base is located from its actual server.
HTTPS certificate Learn whether a website has up-to-date SSL certificate.
Language and encoding Define whether actual language on a page matches the claimed parameters.
Requests Learn how many different requests were made to render a web page.
See performance analytics for other web pages

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Accessify: A collection of accessibility tools and goodies just for you ...

If this is your first visit for this website , we recommend you check out the following:
1The news updates: our regularly updated blog for web accessibility news
2The tools and wizards section (specifically the accessibility tools page) Latest updates Try out the new Quick Form Builder tool There's another new(ish) tool, Skipnav Builder - give it a whirl! Also new is the jQuery Function Builder List-O-Matic gets a complete facelift and now allows nested navigation
3The new accessibility screencasts section, demonstrating accessible techniques in action (as well as video examples of how to use some of this site's tools).
 Enjoy your stay - and we hope you come back again soon!

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