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  1. Yes, this night image shows the beautiful colors and patterns of the flowers. Lovely composition!

  2. What a wonderful photograph! The exposure is perfect as are the colors!

    Thank you for all of your nice comments today...they are much appreciated!

  3. The centre is striking. what flowers are these?

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  5. You must of grown these perhaps? Lovely night time photo!
    I do wish you a wonderuful weekend my friend~

  6. Отличное фото, цвет, композиция...
    Желаю Bам хороших выходных

  7. Delicious, I love the light that you get on the petals of a flower, really spectacular.

  8. Fabulous flower picture, I liked

    Have a lovely Friday!

  9. Kwiaty nawet w nocy są piękne. Na Twoim blogu jest wszystko to co lubię. Oglądałam. Pozdrawiam

  10. Happy weekend!Beautiful photo!Nice flower!
    Hello, Amin!

  11. cok canli olmus .. guzel yakalamissin yine ..

  12. The flowers are so vibrant at the dark, beautiful!

  13. They thought they managed to hide in the night.

    But you failed them.

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  15. Absolutely beautiful picture, dear!

  16. Hey Amin!

    Yes, it's really beauty in the night

    I wish you a wonderful sunday :)

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  18. exquisite shot!

    i am loving your stunning photos and blog!

    wishing a great day!

  19. Great post. Come to see mine.

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