Love photos


  1. Hi Amin

    Well you are very creative today
    I see the word

    ~~ LOVE ~~

    Fantastic !!!

    Hugs for your little baby girl
    from us all

    Kareltje,Betsie& Anya

  2. Очень интересное решение.
    Веселых выходных.

  3. you make the most wonderful image collages.

  4. Wonderful, I like on that black background.

  5. "Love is all you need", as the Beatles used to sing. This is just wonderful, great work.

  6. From Teca's recommendation, beautiful blog ...

  7. Hey Amin!

    I really like the black background
    It highlights the flowers in the collage

    Wonderful sunday to you and yours

  8. Beautiful, honey!
    Hugs and a nice week.

  9. That's LOVEly. I didn't see the hidden message immediately, but when I saw it I was smiling. Very nice!

  10. Wow!! How creative the flowers and the dark background- your beautiful message is fabulous!!
    Have a wonderful week!
    (Thanks for visiting too)

  11. Hi!!! :D
    one of my pictures is on contest, with the theme "music" The voting process is open to the public and is performed by facebook. So if you like photography please help me, thank you so much by your vote.
    To vote, click on the link and then placed a like in the page (if you dont put a like on the page, you can not vote). then go to this picture and vote for her. You can see the picture in
    thank you!
    Kisses and hugs: D

  12. Gorgeous collage or collection. Very creative and I LOVE it, too!

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