Wildflower fields


  1. My neighbor did these photos for my blog!

  2. How happy they are, these fields of yellow and red.

  3. Wow..I would love to walk through these fields (gently) ha ha. What a beautiful series..reminds me of a song. I think the color combination is outstanding!! Is this a some type of business? I enjoyed these-
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  4. Waw, i like it so much, they are so beautiful. I'd like to surround by follows too. It's just so lovely <3

  5. Another fantastic series...I really like the way you go from the one to the many. And what a field of flowers...are all of these just growing wild? They are incredibly beautiful! I can see the girls from the movie "Sound of Music" running and laughing through the fields!

  6. Red and yellow.

    Yellow and red.


  7. Very, very beautiful! I would love to run in that field of flowers.
    A warm hug.

  8. Poppies are such cool flowers. And the contrast to the yellow fields is just beautiful.

  9. fantastic! amazing job with the flwoeurs, so so nice to see!
    smells like spring :P

  10. Beautiful, especially these bright red poppies. They are some of my favourite flowers :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hello Amin!

    Many beautiful pictures, you have been very creative
    I also like your neighbors pictures

    Lovely sunday to you and yours :)

  12. Gorgeous fields of flowers, great pictures!

  13. Wow!!
    I wish I could walk there Amin :-)
    So wonderful shots ......


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