Black kitten

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  1. Little nice cute black& white cat :)

  2. Hey Amin!

    I love this little cat :)

    Greetings to you

  3. Very wonderful image Amin..I can tell cats must be one of your favorite subjects- they come out so nice!

  4. I like specially the black and white cats. This one is really nice and tender.

  5. Nice cat. Very interesting angel.

  6. Hi Amin, this is a beautiful picture! Cute kitty, I like its little white toes. :)

  7. I see that your passion is cats, no wonder, with those eyes so mysterious ... marvelous picture sharpness. Saludos.

  8. You find the most endearing kittens, Amin.

  9. This is a lovely photo, very focused.

  10. Beautiful photos Amin! And the cats are so cute!

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