They died for the independence of Azerbaijan!

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  1. This is excellent, Amin. I think this is some of your best photos. It tells a great story. Where exactly are these graves located? What city?

  2. This indeed a great tribute to your countrymen. Nothing we do or say can ever compare to the sacrifices done by the people who fought for the freedom of their country: all we can do is not allow our present ministers ruin and loot our country of its wealth and peace.
    God bless your country Amin.

  3. I read of about your country's independence.

    Martyr’s Day: January 20

    Martyr’s Day is a public holiday in Azerbaijan.

    January 20 in Azerbaijan commemorates Black January in 1990, when Soviet troops entered the city of Baku and killed more than 180 civilians. It is celebrated as the rebirth of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is also a remembrance of the victims of the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1988. This day in Azerbaijan is also known as Qara Yanvar (Day of National Mourning), Day of Shehids, or Remembrance Day.

    On Martyrs Day in the Azerbaijan Republic the entire government, from the president and prime minister to members of the cabinet and leaders of the parliament, are joined by church officials to gather at the Azerbaijani Genocide Memorial in Baku. In a solemn procession they place flower wreaths at the memorial to commemorate those who died in 1990 during Black January.

    All over the world in Azerbaijani embassies and private communities, the events of Black January and the Nagorno-Karabakh War are recognized. Azerbaijanis regard this day as a day to rekindle their patriotism and celebrate their national history and identity as the country struggles to gain peace and economic stability.

  4. Beautiful photos with a spectacular view, but sad for what they represent.

  5. Это ужасно, большaя ценa свободы. Это трудно себе представить. Тогда мы были вместе. Я очень поражен этой фотографии.Это ужасно, я не могу успокоиться...
    Уважение к жертвам, пусть память о них вечна

  6. That was nice of your friend Rama!
    So sad that civilians were fired on..this was not long ago! Very good photos Amin!!

  7. Wonderful pics, a perfect tribute to them!!
    My Yatra Diary...

  8. A very striking and poignant set of photographs. Beautifully done and a perfect memorial. One hopes the day will come when people need not die to be free.

    Thank you for "following" my blog. That is much appreciated.

  9. These are painfully beautiful, Amin.

  10. Sumgait:
    The sad ballad of the death.
    You can reach the future!!!
    Regards Amin

  11. A moving tribute to those who died, beautiful post, Amin.

  12. Thank you for sharing these emotional pictures

  13. Wonderful and powerful pictures! A prayer to the families! Keep posting your great pictures. I always enjoy seeing them.

  14. These pictures are a wonderful tribute to all these people who died too young. Sad and beautiful.

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