Gentle blue flowers

blue flower
                                                                          Beautiful unique flower photo 

Monkey apple fruit

                                                                     Medicinal fruit - Medicinal plant -Not  edible fruit

 I went for a walk in our plant some days ago.Suddenly I saw something that never seen before it looks like lemon. But this is not it.I asked ... I was explained that is not for eating.They say it is monkey apple. It was very interesting for me.Because I dint hear that any monkey lives in Caucasus.Why is it named monkey apple..?

Peace dove sculpture

 Azerbaijan photos                                                                                 Most beautiful dove sculpture

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Photo 59 Dove.  I saw this scuplture without benches.I know how it is beautiful.This place is central park in Sumgait city and it is often frequented.

Red flower

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Photo 49

White flowers photo

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Photo 48

Flower fly insect bee fly flowers

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Photo 47 Bee

Little white flowers

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Photo 46

Gentle flowers

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Photo 45

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