Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Azerbaijani souvenirs are made of from wood---Usta Azer Esedov and Aynur Esedova


  1. Bardzo ładne, a szczególnie podoba mi się druga. Pozdrawiam.
    Very nice, especially like the second. Yours.

  2. I like, beautiful compositions of these excellent wood carvings. Good photos.

  3. Beautiful! My parents were in Azerbaijan.

  4. Beautiful and interesting carvings, each one different, I enjoyed seeing these!

  5. Hello Amin:
    These are works of Art, not mere souvenirs. We are in awe of the skill which must have gone into the carving of these delightful pieces.

  6. Sono stupende quelle sculture!! buona serata...ciao

  7. They are very creative and very beautiful and I love wood so I would certainly buy some of these if I ever get a chance to visit your country!

  8. Beautiful and well done.
    Hugs and love.

  9. ООООоо Какая красота! для такого дела нужен талант и терпение!Преклоняюсь перед мастерами!

  10. These are very beautiful. They must take a lot of work and talent to make them.

  11. I love the colour of the wood, so beautiful ... Thank you Amin !

  12. i will show these to my husband who works wood. i know he will admire them, too.

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  14. Wonderful and well done1
    Have a nice evening

  15. Incredible pieces of art. Amazing.

  16. Oh wow. I wonder how long it took to carve each of those.

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  18. °`♥✿✿⊱╮
    São trabalhos artesanais muito bem feitos e bonitos.
    São preciosos!

  19. Это резьба по дереву, как я понял? Классно!

  20. Boa semana!

  21. I wish I could create images like that from wood. Those are wonderful. Handmade?

  22. davvero bellissimi, complimenti per le foto

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