Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello,MY FRIENDS! I go to our village.I will return very soon.Thank YOU very much to all of YOU.YOU are very beautiful FRIENDS.

I have grandmother .SHE has about 90 years old .I must take care of HER. I love HER.SHE has problem on HER legs.SHE is ill.
I shall show YOU  OUR village.It is very beautiful in the spiring.There is the  internet cafe in the  region.


  1. take care as you travel. i'm certain you will bring great comfort to your grandmother.

  2. dad turned 93 years last October. It's good you can help her. They get very frail don't they! I like your header.
    Also, I understand you don't celebrate Easter..
    Anyway- my best to you on your trip-


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